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everything you can imagine is real

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Many times a client discovers that what they truly want looks much different than the initial concept they created. This a-ha moment is the most important aspect of the work and opens the flood gates of the development process. 

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Development Coaching helps clients identify, explore and distill their ideas + offers the resources and skills to eliminate the overwhelm and stress that often keeps good ideas from becoming a reality.

The intent is to identify your current challenge, explore your goal, develop an implementation plan then test, refine and repeat as necessary. This may be accomplished in one hour or through multiple sessions...you're in control of how many sessions we schedule. 

My focus is to help you get to the point that you don't need me anymore, but... I'm always here if you want a tune up or you're ready to tackle your next challenge. 


Montage Cafe - The Palace Project - Mainstreet Greenville - The Market Deli - City Fire - Heintz Media - The McLaughlin Group - Travel Anne - Capital Emmys - My Darke County - ElementsLife Yoga - Small Town Yoga Company - Gooseberry Patch - Fitch - Lee Middleton Company - Snap Estimation - Hartzell Hardwoods - The Garst Museum - The Gathering at Garst - The House That Lulu Built - Darke County Visitors Bureau - Rebsco - The Third Street Market - ONE20 Design - Chalkbored - Bradford Railroad Museum - Ride Indy - FISH Choice Pantry - AYU Healthy - Max & Erma's - ACT-Now - Divine Choices - The Cambridge Group - Bear's Mill - Darke County Economic Development - Murphin Ridge - Style EZ - TigerEye Millennium - Jeremy Chontow - Cream Ridge Winery - Netsec - Versailles Poultry Days - Overholser



What a gift CJ was when I didn’t know were to start he took the time to ask me questions about what I wanted share with the world. This lead me and us in a different direction than I ever thought. His care and support helped me grow and reach for the stars. I still reach back out for coaching sessions when I need help. Thank you CJ

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RedTail Creative Company is committed to delivering high quality | innovative services to our clients. 

With a focus on coaching and creative development, we strive to deliver the services that will support your project from concept to implementation. 




Custom websites that are easy to navigate and manage. With a clean and simple design approach + plenty of call to action prompts RedTail sites provide the 24-7 presence that your business or project needs to compete in the digital marketplace. 


  • Simple Design

  • Clear Navigation

  • Call to Action Prompts

  • Conversion Focused Layout

  • Drag & Drop Editing & Management

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Navigation and manageability are the keys to a successful website. When both factors are in place, your site provides a platform for audience engagement + a tool that is easy to update and maintain. The result is a Win-Win for both you and your audience!

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