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CJ Jasenski: Owner

Welcome to
RedTail Creative Co.

With over 30 years of creative industry experience, RedTail is your trusted partner for custom WIX website design and project development... I've got you covered.

My approach is straightforward and customer-centric, with a commitment to your satisfaction above all else. Specializing in delivering top-quality, innovative solutions tailored to meet your goals and elevate your digital presence.

Thank you for choosing RedTail as your digital partner!

WIX Website Design

WIX Website Design

Straight forward - Simple & Clean

RedTail offers straight forward - simple and clean website design with a focus on effortless navigation and seamless management on the backend.

RedTail Creative Company Website Design (Laptop computer image)

WIX Website Design Approach

200+ WIX websites and counting...

Building an effective website hinges on the simplicity, navigation, engagement, and manageability achieved by building up the Home Page to make it easier for your audience to access the info they want upon arrival.

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Home Page Design

Key Elements...

  • Bullet Points: Concise bullet points to convey important info

  • Links and Buttons: Clear links and buttons to facilitate navigation

  • Images and Videos: High-quality visuals that enhance content.

  • Minimal Written Content: Succinct, as users prefer brevity

  • Calls to Action: Compelling calls to action prompt action

  • Blog Feed: Dynamic blog feed for fresh, relevant content

  • FAQ Area: For quick answers to common queries

Enhance engagement with your audience by incorporating additional information and tools within the subpages.

Home Page Design

Final Steps

The Launch List

Before launching your website, it's vital to focus on key elements such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better online visibility, ensuring Mobile Optimization to provide an excellent experience on smartphones and tablets, coordinating the WIX Web Hosting that best suits your website needs, and coordinating your custom Domain connection properly.


These steps are essential to ensure your website's stability and effectiveness.

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Final Steps

Website Portfolio

Building in WIX since 2011

The Butcher Block and Smoke House Website image
SWFL GRIEF website home page image
TRAVEL ANNE Website Home Page image
Client Portfolio

Creative Services

More than website design...

RedTail is a Creative Company and offers more than WIX website design, including project development, illustration, and's quite the mix and rather difficult to categorize, but its all about creating and that's what really matters!

Creative Services
"Ideas" artwork watermark image

Project Development

From concept to reality & beyond...

Creative Movement...

If you're sitting on a brilliant concept but could use some expert guidance to push it forward, you're in the right place. I offer flexible hourly and package options to assist you in bringing your project to life.


Let's meet for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your project.

Art & Illustration

Add some creative punch!

Artski Studio

The art and illustration division of RedTail Creative Company offers custom options to enhance your project or brand. The sky is the limit so give us a call to learn more about how we can get started today!

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