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RedTail...Helping You Discover - Explore - Create The Results You Want


I've been working in the design industry for 30+ years and in that time, I've learned that my most valuable service is guiding my clients to discover, explore and create the ideas that will provide the results they truly want.
By tapping into my design intuition + experience + creative know-how, I help clients discover their focus, explore their idea, create a production plan and launch the results. 

Along the way many clients discover that what they truly want looks much different than what they thought they wanted initially. This a-ha moment is the most important aspect of the work and allows them to move forward by opening the flood gates of creativity and development.

So...when you are ready to discover, explore and create the results you want...give me a call. 
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CJ Jasenski


What a gift CJ was when I didn’t know were to start he took the time to ask me questions about what I wanted share with the world. This lead me and us in a different direction than I ever thought. His care and support helped me grow and reach for the stars. I still reach back out for coaching sessions when I need help. Thank you CJ

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everything you can imagine is real


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