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Soul Wisdom... Medium & Intuitive

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

What a great project and client!

A friend passed this project along to me stating that she felt like "it would be a great fit"...and it sure was.

After the initial chat with Deb Levine from Soul Wisdom, I was hooked on this project. Deb is a Medium/Intuitive and quite the conversationalist. Although she wasn't exactly sure what she wanted on the website, she was positive that it was time to get her offerings out there into the Universe.

In order to figure out what she needed/wanted I went into coaching mode and began helping her discover what she wanted to offer + pricing and overall design. I've always taken my clients through this process, but it was Deb that brought the idea of Creative Coaching as a stand alone service option to my attention...and who's going to argue with a Medium so I began cultivating the idea into the Creative Coaching service I offer today.

Although the website launched over a year ago, I still update Deb's site when needed + we have bi-weekly Creative Coaching sessions to discuss all of the amazing opportunities that have come her way since starting Soul Wisdom, including a wide variety of media appearances and her weekly video series "Sunday Musings" on Facebook.

It's gratifying to watch my clients take their idea and run with it!

Check out Deb's site, Soul Wisdom and book a session...I've had several readings and she's the real deal!

Have a great day!



Greenville, Ohio


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