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Renovate Your WIX Website

The new year is right around the corner and I'm booking custom WIX Website Renovation Projects for November and December so they're ready for the New Year! The sky's the limit! Start the new year with a fresh website.

  • Restyle layout and design

  • Increase engagement

  • Update content

  • Replace images

  • Combine pages

  • Add new capabilities

If you've been thinking that your site needs some updates...

Let's chat!


Also... I'm launching a new venture (Artski Art & Illustration Sale) to offer my Art & Illustration just in time for the Holidays...with pricing that's affordable for anyone on your Christmas list.

Artski Art & Illustration Sale is a weekly drop offering a limited number of pieces on a first come first serve basis (a handful each drop). If you are interested click here to join the Artski Studio FB group where the weekly drop will occur (Tuesdays).

Have a great day!


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