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I've been working in the design industry for 30+ years and in that time, I've learned that my most valuable service is guiding my clients to discover, explore and create the results they truly want.

By tapping into my intuition + development know-how, I help clients discover their focus, explore their concept and motivation, then create a plan of action/implementation plan.

Along the way many clients discover that what they TRULY want looks much different than what they thought. This a-ha moment is the most important aspect of the work and allows them to move forward by opening the flood gates of creativity.

So...when you are ready to discover, explore and create the results you want...give me a call. RedTail Development Coaching Take your idea from concept to reality and pay as you go!

  • FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session

  • Schedule a Development Coaching Session (up to 90 minutes)

  • Each Session includes a Follow-Up Report delivered via email recapping discoveries and homework

  • Schedule and Pay as You Go or choose a Coaching Package

It's all about exploring your ideas and finding the best way to make them a reality...along the way you will discover, explore, plan, create and implement the idea with my support.

Let's chat about your idea! Thanks and Have A Great Day! CJ (937)417-2592

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