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Amy Rebekah...An Amazing Journey

Amy Chavez has been on a mission to help others throughout her career and her recently launched a new website - Amy Rebekah Healing Leadership Community is the culmination of her efforts and it's brilliant!

I met Amy through my wife nearly 10 years ago and in that time I've watched her tirelessly educate herself while developing avenues to help underserved women with education and services that support nearly every phase of their life from childbirth to leadership training.

In a word, she is Amazing!

We kept her site simple to showcase her Leadership offerings, but left plenty of room for future developments. Please take a few minutes to check out her site and keep in mind that Amy has developed each offering from the ground up and successfully implemented each one into the Miami Valley community and...she's just getting started!

Reach out when you're ready to launch your ideas! - CJ

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