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A Reiki Master Offering More Than Reiki...

Deb Lambert is sharing the love...

I have a really interesting mix of clients...some come along for a short time and others stick around for the long haul. Deb Lambert is definitely here to stay and she wants to share the love with the world via her website DebLambert.LOVE.

Deb is a sought after Reiki Master with a very successful Reiki business, Reflecting The Light Reiki located in Arizona. We met through a referral from Deb Levine (Soul Wisdom) and quickly went to work on creating an outlet for all of the resources and of course the LOVE that she passes along to her clients. The result is a treasure trove of FREE original meditations, links to her favorite books, music, teachers and much more. With plans to continue expanding the site to include even more's a must see and bookmark worthy site!

Deb is a kind and generous person using her gifts to make our world a little brighter and I'm honored to be a part of her process through the Creative Coaching and Website Design services I provide to help her share the LOVE!

Thanks for visiting...

Have a great day!



Greenville, Ohio



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