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Creating your book from cover to cover

Developing the Look and Feel + Layout and Design of your book from cover to cover

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  • Cover Design

  • Illustration Service (Artski Studio)

  • Book Layout & Design

  • Amazon Publishing Prep & Implementation

Self publishing is the easiest way to get your work out into the world and Amazon is the leader in helping you share it in multiple formats.

Once your written work is ready to go, give me a call and I'll move it from manuscript to submitted book so you can share it with the cosmos.

Contact me to discuss your project and the Affordable Book Prep Services I offer.


As an adoptee, Megan L. Shiffra was inspired to write I Choose You as a reassurance from adoptive parents to their adopted children. She had no desire to go the traditional publishing route and instead asked me to layout and prep her book for self publishing, but also develop and illustrate the characters for the book.


When the book was completed, we launched it via Amazon Self Publishing and even looped back around and published a second edition just a month after initial launch to add some bonus content. 

This was a great project...Many thanks to Megan!

Final 3.png

PROJECT: I Choose You by Megan L. Shiffra



  • Story Illustration (Artski Studio)

  • Book Layout & Design

  • Amazon Self Publishing Prep & Implementation

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