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Welcome to Artski Studio...the Art & Illustration leg of my work. 

This is an ever-evolving gallery of my work. If you find a piece you are interested in, please contact me so we can discuss how to get it in your hands. 

Thanks for your interest!



Artist Statement:


Title: Community

Media: Found Objects Sculpture including wood, metal, natural elements + gauche & acrylic paint



When I set forth to create a sculpture I typically begin with a theme or word. I do very little planning and spend quite a bit of time equipping my workspace with tools and materials that will enable me to build quickly, while honoring my inspiration for the piece. 


I prefer to work with found materials (both natural and man-made) and find satisfaction in giving these remnants of our society new purpose. In addition, I am driven to include elements that will trigger the curiosity of the observer including hidden areas and abrupt or unexpected additions of objects, textures and colors. 



This piece surprised me. With the intention to produce a sculpture themed around “grief” I was somewhat dreading the work. Grief by definition is a heavy subject, but as I began to work I found myself producing a piece that was more about the process of grieving and what that means to each person. 


The materials I chose took on a coastal theme and began to culminate in a glimpse of a trip to the beach (a source of great peace for me). Once I completed the sculpture I went to work researching the spiritual meaning of the elements including sea fans, reeds, sand dollars and bumble bees…all of which are deeply rooted in the idea of community and a true reflection of The House That Lulu Built.

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