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Welcome to Artski Studio 

This is an ever-evolving gallery of my work with a focus on Children's Book Illustration. I'm currently working on a book series, but I'm always up for new can reach me by phone or email. 

Thanks for your interest in my work. 



I'm a story teller and illustration is my's the most natural art that I produce. Illustration provides the opportunity to reflect both my personality and creative drive.

My characters are retro, vintage and abstract inspired... they're friendly and inviting with a strong sense of humor and a quirkiness you can find in the details. Whether it's an expression, a prop or the background, I create experiences that the observer can enjoy time and time again

Currently, I produce the 99% of my illustration work in Procreate. It enables to me to work quickly, while providing the texture and vibe I previously achieved with pen & ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, colored pencil and marker + it makes sharing my art a breeze!

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